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Maximising Personal Impact

Uncooked Data went to another fun SLA Europe event on 28 September. There was wine, lovely food, networking, children’s books, tongue twisters, West Side Story, alliteration, Singin’ in the Rain and an uncomfortable amount of eye contact. Not, perhaps, the usual mix for an professional how-to kind of event…

Suzanne Wheatley from Sue Hill Recruitment led an evening on ‘Maximising your Personal Impact,’ using nearly all of these things to illustrate her points. It is a rare skill to keep an audience as interested and engaged after a long day at work, but this is one that Suzanne’s enthusiastic presentation definitely managed. The key things I will take away from the evening are:

  • Dealing with nerves through deliberate and slow breathing is a good idea
  • Making eye contact is not daunting in normal situations
  • My handshake is *very* firm… maybe ease off a bit!
  • I need to speak more slowly… more slowly than feels comfortable

I don’t want to give too much away here because the event is running again in October, having been quickly over-subscribed first time around. Although I’ve heard or read similar tips to Suzanne’s in the past few years, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of our bad habits. And the participative nature of the session meant we were rehearsing good habits in friendly company, definitely better than just reading lists of hints and tips again.

Thanks to Perfect Information for sponsoring the evening and providing food and wine, and to Suzanne for leading the evening.


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