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Any Answers?

I was pleased to have had emailed comments to BBC Radio 4’s  Any Answers? programme read out this afternoon. Any Answers? is the phone in that happens after the Saturday repeat of the Any Questions? panel show, which is usually a good Friday evening listen.

The link to iplayer is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/xgr13/ (I’m on at abot 23:20) and the full text of the email I submitted is below. I considered mentioning the Voices for the Library campaign, but on balance decided that sticking to one point in the email was probably a winning strategy.

Good evening,

I did not quite know whether to laugh or cry at the comments the panel made regarding Wikipedia and online information. On the one hand, praising Wikipedia as a marvel of free information; on the other admitting that its content is inaccurate and that the volume of information on the internet is sometimes overwhelming. And this moments after discussing funding cuts to libraries. It is the skilled professional librarians at the heart of the library service who will find, share, and manage information on behalf of a huge range of clients. An information professional’s job is so much more than reshelving paperback fiction. Public libraries provide services that are unseen, or missed in simple counts of books borrowed  – accurate business and biographical data from commercial databases, for example, is available. This would perhaps have been useful for your panelists’ background research.

I write as an interested party – a qualified librarian, working in a City law firm, rather than a public library, and president of the European chapter of the SLA (Special Libraries Association) – working for information professionals in a vast number of industrial, commercial, research or financial businesses.

Kind regards


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