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I think the data is done now.

You may be aware that I am just in the midst of changing jobs. I’ve left one US law firm in a tall building in the City and in a couple of weeks I will join another US law firm in another tall building in the City. I’m enormously excited about the change, as the two job roles are very different. I’m looking forward to joining a smaller London office, and to getting to know the firm quickly as I get to grips with my new role.

One thing that will change is that I will have a fair bit less time on my hands for bits and pieces like writing my own blog posts. I will continue to contribute to SLA Europe’s blog. But for professional issues, and ironically, just as everyone’s starting their own #cpd23 blogs, I’m retiring Uncooked Data. It’s served a great purpose as a place to record thoughts and events, but as the priorities in life shift, I need to make choices about where to spend my time online. With looming PhD deadlines I need to concentrate my spare time on getting a thesis written.

It feels very odd to be taking a step back, particularly after having just been recognised as one of the SLA’s Rising Stars. And I am aware my Twitter account contains far less professional content than it used to. However, it’s been a while since I had time to think and write properly for this blog and it makes sense to draw a line under it now.

Thanks for reading and for commenting. Happy Librarianing.


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3 Responses

  1. woodsiegirl says:

    Sorry to hear you’re retiring the blog. Can’t say I blame you though, have often marvelled at how you manage to get everything done! Hope you’re not planning on deleting it totally – it’d be good to leave it up as an archive, and you might possibly, at some distant point in future, want to start blogging here again?

  2. KatyStoddard says:

    Good luck with the new job! Sorry you’re ending things here (I second the call for it to remain as an archive) but look forward to keeping up with you on the SLA blog and Twitter.

  3. bethan says:

    late to the (farewell) party, but – like woodseigirl – baffled as to how you find the time to keep up with even half the stuff you do! It’s been fun, and will see you elsewhere 🙂

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