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Twitter: Work tool and research tool

Yesterday I attended the pilot Digital Researcher event at the British Library, jointly presented with Vitae. Vitae is a body that promotes good practice within academic research communities. Apologies for the flood of #DR10 tagged tweets yesterday.

My immediate and key thought is that we in the library world seem to be far ahead of other disciplines in our adoption of social media. I was surprised by this. I think, on reflection, it is because I have heard so much about how libraries have been promoting mobile and social tools. So I had naturally assumed they were common throughout all academia.

Over at PhDinProgress I am going to be summarising and reflecting on how I can use what was discussed yesterday more effectively in my PhD. Over the next day or so I will post here on Uncooked Data my thoughts about the differences between academic and commercial practice. This will be further informed after hearing what’s discussed at this evening’s SLA Europe event around Twitter in the workplace. And a useful and related Business Week article for homework reading…


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#DR10: Digital Researcher

I’m cheating and getting two blog posts for the price of one, as I am posting this here and on my Other Blog. On Monday I shall be 1% of a crowd of research students at the British Library for an event run by Vitae: Digital Researcher – Managing your networks and building your profile.

I’m looking forward to this for three reasons. Firstly, it will be interesting to find out how another tribe of people are using Web 2.0 tools. I’ve read, and heard, and done a lot of law-librarian things collaboratively online. But I have not really exploited these tools for my PhD.

Secondly, it comes a handy 24 hours before the next SLA Europe event – about Twitter, and how we use it at work. A good opportunity to compare and contrast the two approaches: corporate life and research student life.

And finally, as a part-time, distance student I don’t spend a great deal of time in the company of my research student peer group – I would probably struggle to even identify a peer group – so spending a day with 99 other PhDs-in-waiting should be a brilliant boost to the motivation levels.

The organisers set up and emailed us all with the hashtag #dr10 for the event. It caused me mild amusement that this is also being used by a Dutch community somewhere, as a bunch of other tweets are in our search feed.

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