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Supporting new trainees

Today is the last day of the new trainees’ formal induction fortnight. Monday is seat rotation day when everyone has to get up to speed in a new practice area as soon as they can. Next week we have a number of database sessions scheduled, so they’re not quite done with the library yet.

This year I made some changes to the way we introduce trainees to the Library services, because their induction had also changed in line with the new competency programme for fee-earners. It has been a good opportunity to reinforce messages about the work we do, the resources we have and the ways we can support the new trainees. I have been able to draw on my experience of the kinds of problems that trainees bring to the enquiry desk to talk about these in context. We were able to embed library slots in other sessions run by external providers. For example, we discussed various methods of keeping up to date with clients’ news as part of the ‘Client Care’ element. If the trainees remember one thing from each session the Library was involved with, we will consider it a success. The induction period is a barrage of new information and we are only one part of that.

Over the next week or so I’ll be asking for feedback from the trainees so we can evaluate this programme, and make changes where necessary for next time. We’ll also have a look at the database usage information to see if there are any patterns of change.

In the meantime, though, we are preparing for the baffled faces of the new lawyers-to-be as they start to make sense of a new set of information resources.


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