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LIKE 22- What is KM, really?

LIKE 22 addressed the question ‘What is KM, really?’ with a mix of short talks and table discussions. I’m interested in understanding more about how KM has moved on from rigid databases and the use of the concept outside of the legal profession. My interest was matched by the content and conversations and the fishcakes were pretty good, too.

So briefly we fishcake-scoffers decided that KM was about:

  • Better decision making
  • Not re-inventing the wheel
  • Apprenticeship models

The barriers to effective knowledge sharing provided further discussion. One point that I was intrigued by was that many excuses for non-participation revolve around status. How does one make sharing know how as status friendly as being due for a flight to New York?

One idea was that video capture of interviews post-project could build into a tagged searchable database. Not easy to implement well but more user-friendly, perhaps.

We talked about the “Joan with all the knowledge.” What happens when they leave? In retrospect we didn’t hit on the point that we think this issue is important: but plenty of firms make folk redundant and don’t suffer ill effects – or at least not that they admit when the bottom line is all that matters.

As well as great food and interesting company the evening sparked off several lines of thought. The ideas are relevant for my PhD: one issue is that the website builders work in isolation wasting time and effort repeating the same mistakes, and not learning from successes.


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