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International Taxation

CLIG ran a seminar this week about tax.  I hope Anne Fairpo will forgive me for my surprise that her talk on international tax issues was so engaging. In the post-seminar drinks that was definitely one of the recurring themes of conversation. I suppose we just assume that tax, being a dry subject , would not be a natural choice for entertainment. But then surely we’d be guilty of the same assumptions that others make about ‘librarians’  (shhh)?Anne explained a number of key concepts around international tax:

  • Why and how rules arise
  • Worst and best case taxation scenarios
  • The role of the EU and the OECD and how treaties impact domestic measures
  • Subtle distinctions between planning, avoidance and evasion

The content also included plenty of anecdotes illustrating common pitfalls and a few wry asides about the consequences.It made a change to have little more to do at a CLIG event than help welcome attendees – it will help me transition to the autumn when I’m no longer a committee member. I spent an hour or so discussing various related and unrelated topics with people I’d been too busy to talk to at the Spring Party.

So my advice would be, Don’t reject tax topics out of hand. I found it really useful. And if you see Anne billed as a seminar speaker in future, go!


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Forthcoming event

City Legal Information Group (CLIG) is running a seminar on 28 October looking at the final stages of implementation of the Companies Act 2006. One of 7Side’s directors, Chris Sollars, will be discussing the changes to the filing regime that came into force on 1 October 2009. These changes to the content and numbering of the documents that can be downloaded from CH will have an effect on the way that we check details of directors, for example.

If seminars aren’t your thing, there is guidance from Companies House here.

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