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Always Cited In Preference

The ICLR (Incorporated Council of Law Reporting) have launched a series of short films promoting their Official Series of law reports. You can find them on YouTube.

If you’ve ever tried to explain to a trainee or a student why it matters where they find their case reports from, these are going to help. A Tale of Two Citations  illustrates the consequences of using the internet for case research and not checking the sources properly; although it feature extreme examples of disorganised v organised Counsel, the point is made. A second film features a number of practitioners discussing the various routes they would take through online and hard copy sources to carry out their researchMaking Legal History  explains the history of the ICLR and the way a law report is compiled.

The ICLR have published this work and said that it’s freely available to use. Obviously, they’re advertisements for the ICLR’s series of reports, but the films’ content is not hidden under layers of intrusive promotion. The short format would make them ideal for adding to a session on law libraries. The three mentioned will be useful to show to work experience or summer students; enough of  a flavour of the way lawyers research without being too technical for non-lawyer or pre-LPC students. 

So whilst the ICLR are promoting their product, they have also helped fill a gap in my toolkit for training.  The one pity is that there is no discussion of the way that neutral citation works. Of course given the nature of the films, it is to be expected that they would focus on their reports; but adding in even a brief mention of the citations would have made these videos even more useful.


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